Route Dependant
2 Hours
Sunrise Kayak Tour Adventure

Nothing compares to sea kayaking in Cape Town while watching the sun rise over Hout Bay. The water is gentle, glassy, and devoid of disturbances because the rest of the town is yet to wake up. Witness a glorious scene as the sun emerges from the horizon. Indulge in the magnificent sun rays painting the sky in streaks of light.


  • Circe Launches Kiosk - Hout Bay


  • At Sunrise (Exact time seasonal)


  • 2 Hours after Start Time


    • Kayak Instructor
    • Lifejacket/PFD
    • Seat in a 2 Person Sit on Top Kayak
    • Paddle
    • Hot Chocolate


    • Gratuities To Guides

More About Hout Bay

  • Hout Bay was originally inhabited by the Khoi people, who called it "Houtkraal" or "Wooden Kraal". The Dutch arrived in the area in the 1650s and renamed it "Hout Bay". The area was used for timber production and fishing, and a small settlement grew up around the harbour. In the 19th century, the area became a popular tourist destination, and the town of Hout Bay was officially founded in 1867. Today, Hout Bay is a thriving town with a population of over 17,000 people. It is a popular tourist destination, known for its beautiful beaches, stunning views of the surrounding mountains, and its fresh seafood. The town is also home to a number of schools, businesses, and community organizations.
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More About This Tour

Our sunrise kayak tour kicks off before dawn. Your tour guide will conduct a brief introduction to the area and walk you through some of the basics of paddling. So if it's your first time sea kayaking in Cape Town, your tour guide will get you up to speed before hitting the water. The guide will help you prepare for the excursion with a safety briefing, life jacket fitting, and setting up your kayak. They’ll be with you every paddle of the way to ensure you’re safe and have a great time. All tour guides carry multiple certifications, including medical first aid. Our sunrise kayak tours are conducted in small groups. That way, the tour guide can adequately instruct and guide everyone. All kayaking equipment needed for the excursion will be provided. But you’ll need to bring a towel, warm clothes, and your spirit of adventure along with you. After the tour, you’ll pause to reflect over a nice cup of hot chocolate to round off this very special adventure. Enjoy the best sea kayaking in Cape Town with Cape Town Kayaks. We do our best to ensure all guests have a remarkable experience. Photos of the excursion will be available, so you can look back on your fond memories. Join us for an adventure of a lifetime today!

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